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Jonathan Davis on the Prepare For Hell Tour, Celebrating 20th Anniversary of “Korn”

Korn have been touring relentlessly for the past year in support of The Paradigm Shift (both the original studio release and the World Tour Edition), and the band show no signs of stopping.   Coming up this fall, Korn, along with King 810, will be hitting the road withSlipknot on the 24-date Prepare For Hell Tour, and in a recent interview with Sara […]

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Get A Better Look At Slipknot’s New Masks

      After much speculation and a slight glimpse during the music video for “The Devil In I”, fans can now get a much better look at Slipknots new masks for their upcoming 5th studio album, .5 The Gray Chapter. Take a look at the new masks below and let us know what you […]

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Papa Roach: Jacoby Shaddix Says His Uncle Gave Him Herpes

    Hit The Floor magazine sat down with Jacoby Shaddix of PAPA ROACH at last month’s Reading festival in England to give him the “HTF Firsts” treatment. Jacoby talked about kissing his uncle, the demise of Banooch the dog, and why he decided to smash his back into a nail. Check out the clip below.   On his first kiss:   Jacoby: “My first kiss […]

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Slipknot: The Devil in I Official Music Video

  Without Paul Gray and Joey Jordison, the Slipknot is working, they will release a new album called “The Gray Chapter”, it will be available October 21st on Roadrunner Records, world tour soon. The second single is the Devil in I, check out the new Slipknot’s music video.  

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KoRn Wants To ‘Get A Bit Dirtier’ On Next Album

  In a brand new interview with Anthony Toto of Pop-Break.com, KORN guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer spoke about how reconnecting with the band’s original guitarist Brian “Head” Welch for 2013′s “The Paradigm Shift” album after an eight-year break might influence KORN’s approach on the next CD. He said: “Head and I were talking [earlier today] […]

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NM4U Presents: Hermetic Evolution

Hermetic Evolution is a polish musical group formed in 2011. The music of the band is a hybrid mixture of metal and electronic influences. The musical base of the band is characterized by experimental vocals, mechanical groove, low tuned guitars and spacey electronics. The lyrical content of the group revolves around philosophical, transhumanist, cybernetic and […]

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Crazy Town: “Been dealing with our label. We finally have dates for release”

  Check the new video to “Lemon Face” below:     november the band will release an new EP and “Come Inside” should be the next single. On 2015 (January) CrazyTown will release the new album , called “Brimstone Sluggers”.   Stay tuned for more news.

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Is This First Glimpse Of SLIPKNOT Singer COREY TAYLOR’s New Mask?

As with every album cycle, the members of SLIPKNOT are expected to unveil brand-new masks to coincide with the release of their fifth studio CD, “.5: The Gray Chapter”, which will arrive on October 21 via Roadrunner. What appears to be the first glimpse (sort of) of SLIPKNOT singer Corey Taylor’s new mask can be […]

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FLYLEAF’s KRISTEN MAY: ‘We Put Our Hearts And Souls’ Into New Album ‘Between The Stars”

  Alternative hard rock band FLYLEAF will release its fourth studio album, “Between The Stars”, on September 16 via Loud & Proud Records.   With producer extraordinaire Don Gilmore (PEARL JAM, LINKIN PARK, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE) manning the board, the band spent a month in a Los Angeles studio during the spring of 2014. […]

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