Prophets of Rage: First New Recorded Song Available


Prophets of Rage ( Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill) released their first studio recorded audio, the song ‘Prophets of Rage’ is a rock reedition of the Public Enemy’s song by the same name that inspired the band.


Drummer Brad Wilk had this to say about the release on facebook:

In a year we won’t soon forget, “Prophets of Rage” is a song/band made for the countless people who feel they no longer have a voice in a system that only caters to a select few. This song is a solid chop in a dulled world of mindless pop. I’m honored to be making music with Tom, DJ Lord, Tim, Chuck D, and B Real. And to have Brendan O’Brien producing these tracks is an amazing match. Power to the People. – ‪#‎BradWilk‬


Check it here:



The original Public Enemy’s ‘Prophets of Rage’



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