New Metal 4U Exclusive Interview: Adam Albright from Dopesick



NEW METAL 4U EXCLUSIVE Interview with Adam Albright from Dopesick (EMP Label Group)

New Dopesick Music Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76_wW9PrZVM


NM4U: Hello! Thank you for taking the time to talk to New Metal 4U! Let’s get right to it:

NM4U: What did you do today? What have you been up to lately?

I’m out in the desert right now in Joshua Tree, just chilling. Hella phone stuff today…  the EP comes out April 28th and I’m doing a few listening parties so I’m getting all that in place… I’m flying out to Jackson, MN on April 8th for the Grand Opening of Ellefson Coffee House! Stoked to be involved in this, they hung the guitar I destroyed in the ‘Ride The Night’ video up in the window!!! They are also gonna play the EP all weekend before it comes out. Dave Ellefson is obviously gonna be there! Don Jamison from That Metal Show is gonna be there! Gonna be really cool!!!


NM4U: What music have you been listening to? Any new stuff we should check out?

I’m always listening to music! Rocking Jackie Wilson right now! Ha! The new KING 810 is really good. Suicide Silence’s new record is cool. It’s funny, everybody is talking shit about it so I went and bought it to see and I dig it! I’m new to the band… I got the last one but I really like it! There’s a band The Watchers who are from the Bay Area… the guitar player is sick! Good vocals, good record! Sabbath Highway… The Devil In California is cool too… also a Bay Area band… good Rock n Roll! Gorilla Voltage is cool from SJ horror-core rap stuff! All new California bands!


NM4U: What do you think about the state of the music industry? Where is it headed?

The industry has changed 100 percent! The internet changed everything big time, there is definitely not the money there used to be, it’s good and bad… people have studios, “so called”, in their bedrooms and can make a record so we hear a lot more shit. Everyone is in a band now, everybody is a producer? Some good bands get exposure like they wouldn’t have before which is cool and they can sell records off their own site and make the money but that’s very hard… The “so called” industry is dead i think? I think there is a new industry coming up from DIY type stuff… you got guys owning part in Alcohol Franchises, Beer, Hot Sauce, TV Shows, little labels… so musicians are doing more business now. I guess everybody has some kinda company, which is cool, they are trying to make money somehow. We have to work a little harder, but so what… I hear a lot of people bitch about “back in the day” this ‘n that!? Well, it’s not back in the day. Figure it out, make better music, do something… but if you make something people WANT they will  go buy it! I still buy music, I buy CDs, vinyl, DVDs. If you DON’T you are part of the problem, PERIOD! Go buy music. Support the bands you like, check out ones you don’t know, give ’em a chance, look on Youtube, if you see something you like share that shit with your friends and go BUY the CD!


NM4U: What bands influenced you the most?

KISS was my first show and that was like HOLY SHIT!!!! Ace Frehley is the reason I play guitar!! When I was a kid there was always music playing in my house, from Elton John to Fats Domino to Hall n Oates, so I like “songs” a lot. My main influences are probably Fats Domino, KISS, Van Halen, Randy Rhodes, Cheap Trick, Bad Brains, The Police, Bob Marley… So many people influenced me and I still get influenced everyday by something, someones music… just being outside I get influenced! Ha!


NM4U: Outside of music, do you have any fun hobbies?

I’ve been flying drones lately, it’s fun! I lost one though. I wanted to see how high i could get it ’cause I was high as I could get Ha! and I kinda lost that one?! It’s somewhere off the 5 by Bakersfield. I have all kinda hobbies… I fish, skate, collect horror stuff, I have crazy OCD HYPER stuff so i collect hella stuff into it hard for a min, then done. So I want to get into paint ball next!


NM4U: What do you think about mixing music and politics? Is it important to you?

Politics seem to make people BAT SHIT crazy!!! That and Religion? When I was little no one told me we kill each other if they don’t believe the same way!!?? I don’t get into it that much because I don’t know that much about it… I also write about what I know, what Ive been through, so your not gonna hear much Politics in Dopesick.


NM4U: What do you think about the term “nu metal”? What does it mean to you?

I hate hate hate that they have so many genres of music now! It sucks I can’t find half the stuff I’m trying to buy cause I’m in the wrong section? Shit, it said Metal this way?? I didn’t know i need an encyclopedia to find the new cd I want… Some of these so called Nu Metal Bands changed a lot of shit! The way we tune, the way we dressed, the way we recorded!!??? Some really good bands got that title. I like music and I like Nu metal!


NM4U: What is your dream gig? A show, tour, or festival that you would love to perform?

My dream gig would be be to jam with HR Eddie Van Halen Ace Frehley Tommy Lee Darryl Jennifer… Dream Tour… Bad Brains Faith No More Dopesick Guns N Roses Sepultura Ice Cube


NM4U: Do you have any words for up and coming musicians and bands out there?

Bands just starting out, play as much as you can with as many different people as you can! Do NOT give up, fuck everyone, this is your dream!! Don’t follow trends, by the time you think you got it a new one or two just came out!!! Always be cool to the kids!!! Don’t be a Dick!! I still work on that one! Ha ha ha!

NM4U: Anything coming up we should know about? Albums, tours, etc.?

The EP The Love and Terror Cult comes out April 28! The new video for “Release Me” featuring Cristian from ILL NINO comes out TUE 3/21 @ 11AM ET via REVOLVER MAGAZINE! We should be out and in your town soon!


Bonus Questions:

NM4U: What is your power animal?

The Goose is my power animal, those fuckers are mean as fok!!!!! Ha!


NM4U: Do you have a favorite food? Favorite thing you’ve eaten while on tour?

Mexican Food and Thai Food… any thing from New Orleans!!!


NM4U: If you were trapped on an island with only one album, what would you want to listen to forever?

Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


NM4U: If you were sitting on Santa’s lap, what would you tell him you want for Christmas this year?

Santa already knows whats up… that new Lambo!!!! Cmon, Santa!


Interview by Noah “Shark” Robertson

About the author: Shark is the current drummer for Motograter and the original drummer of The Browning. He runs Zombie Shark Records and Swimming With Sharks Records. He is also currently the marketing director of EMP Label Group, the new label from David Ellefson of Megadeth. When he’s not playing the drums and writing articles, he is teaching music to students of all ages.


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