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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to talk to New Metal 4U! Let’s get right to it:

NM4U: What did you do today? What have you been up to lately?

Took care of my son, he’s 4. Played guitar… remembering some songs I wrote a few years back… Did a ton of work via phone calls all day and got Chili’s for dinner for the family!


NM4U: What music have you been listening to? Any new stuff we should check out?

I dig stuff like Bring Me The Horizon, Machine Head, Trivium, and Havok to name a few known acts. Check out these killer up-and-comers Arrival of Autumn, The Offering, Spades & Blades. All 3 stomp and are unique in their own metal way..


NM4U: What do you think about the state of the music industry? Where is it headed?

Ha! Good question. It’s a streaming world now and the payout rates need some restructuring fast… CDs sell at gigs but it’s really more for the older fans. Vinyl is for the hipsters and death metal scene but in reality no one listens to them in their cars or at the gym etcetera, so again it’s a very small portion using vinyl to enjoy new acts…


NM4U: What bands influenced you the most?

I would say the classics like KISS, IRON MAIDEN, MEGADETH, UFO really are the roots of my style.


NM4U: Outside of music, do you have any fun hobbies?

Being a father but that’s not a hobby.


NM4U: What do you think about mixing music and politics? Is it important to you?

NO & NO!


NM4U: What do you think about the term “nu metal”? What does it mean to you?

Sadly I think of bad baggy pants & a band with a Dj… I love Korn but they really did something new and fresh at the time and just released a strong new album.


NM4U: What is your dream gig? A show, tour, or festival that you would love to perform?

A Metallica tour anywhere!


NM4U: Do you have any words for up and coming musicians and bands out there?

WORK HARD and write new songs as much as possible and don’t get discouraged too soon.


NM4U: Anything coming up we should know about? Albums, tours, etc.?
Something is brewing…
Bonus Questions:
NM4U: What is your power animal?

NM4U: Do you have a favorite food? Favorite thing you’ve eaten while on tour?


NM4U: If you were trapped on an island with only one album, what would you want to listen to forever?

KISS – Alive

NM4U: If you were sitting on Santa’s lap, what would you tell him you want for Christmas this year?

A house in a warm state with no mortgage!

Interview by Noah “Shark” Robertson
About the interviewer: Shark is the current drummer for Motograter and was the original drummer for The Browning. He currently runs Zombie Shark Records and Swimming With Sharks Records. He is also marketing director for EMP Label Group, the new record label from David Ellefson of Megadeth.



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