Core 10 Live Show Review | Viper Room April 7th, 2017


It was one of those “you had to be there” moments… April 7th, 2017 at The Viper Room in Hollywood. I made the over three hour trek down California’s coastline, from Pismo Beach to Los Angeles, to see a band I’ve been hearing about called Core 10. If you pay attention to the music media to any degree, then you’ve been seeing your fair share of the band’s name too. That’s largely due to the fact that David Silveria, yes THAT David Silveria, is sitting on the drum throne in this “new” project. Core 10 are hardly a new band however, as they’ve been making waves since 2012. But their newest lineup, which includes Dave on the drums, has only been playing music together for around 3 short months. It’s Dave though and when you have that kind of star power word travels fast. And so, this has proven to be somewhat of a double-edged sword for the band as of late. The group recently released a raw rehearsal video for their new track “Act of Valor.” A seemingly innocent Facebook video post from an eager new band, was shared by everyone from Blabbermouth to Metalsucks to Loudwire and even Metal Injection. As one would imagine, rabid Korn fans took the internet in droves, commenting on the video. That’s one thing that people should know about Core 10 right away… they aren’t like anything you’ve heard before. The band is hellbent on forging a unique sound that is all their own.



Another thing you should know is that this isn’t just the Silveria Show either. The band is comprised of well-seasoned veterans of the music industry; an eclectic mix of fascinating characters. For starters, dual vocalists Sean Lenhoff and Duncan Nisbet are an ex-pro surfer and ex-pro Rugby player, respectively. Woah. And keyboardist Ronnie King is a Multi-Platinum, Diamond Certified, Oscar and Grammy Nominated producer, composer, arranger, musician and philanthropist. He has collaborated with multi-million-dollar selling artists such as Mariah Carey, Tyrese, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, The Offspring and Rancid. WOAH. Finally, the band is rounded out by Chris Dorame on bass and Joe Taback on guitar; talented string players that some may recognize from bands like Gears, Needlemouth, and 12 Gauge Embrace.


I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the band that night. I mean, I saw the rehearsal video like so many others did, but of course that was no indication of how it would all pan out live. Turns out it was far from it. From the moment the band struck their first note, the audience could tell they were witnessing something special up there. Even though this was their second show ever with this current line-up, the band oozed confidence and with a commanding presence they took the Viper Room stage by storm. Their beautiful fusion of rock, metal, and punk tasted like a Godsmack, Rollins Band and Rage Against the Machine sandwich. Every song was different from the last and their set took me through a roller coaster ride of emotions. From start to finish, the entire crowd was eating it up. The “dual vocalist thing” pays off for Core 10, BIG TIME. With Sean Lenhoff holding down the low-end, projecting a Danzig-like croon, and Duncan Nisbet riding high in the realm of Dexter Holland or Bruce Dickinson, the duo manages to Ying and Yang the hell out of the mics in an agreeable fashion. Simply put, these guys kick ass! Keyboardist, Ronnie King, is more comfortable on stage than anyone you’ve seen and exudes sheer professionalism on stage. He adds a layer to the mix that must be heard to be believed and is having an absolute blast while doing it, it seems. The stringed duo of Joe Taback and Chris Dorame is a match made in heaven. The two perform like they are musical soulmates or something and they navigate through the complex range of material flawlessly. You can tell these guys aren’t one-trick ponies either. From subtle and sullen, to explosive and in your face, Core 10 never ceases to surprise and amaze. And last but not least, the mighty David Silveria. If there was any question whether or not this man still “has it”… let’s put that to rest RIGHT NOW. The guy is an absolute beast. Still. Whatever doubts or skepticism I carried were completely shattered the instant Silveria began his percussive onslaught. His timing, his creativity, his funkiness, his groove… it was all there! It was an absolute thrill to watch one of my drumming heroes rise like a phoenix out of the ashes of the music industry and, for lack of a better term, completely DESTROY. Core 10 could very well be Silveria’s epic return to the music world. We could only be so lucky!



If you have a chance to witness the awesomeness that is Core 10 live, don’t miss out. The Orange County rockers will leave you wanting more and something tells me they’re gonna give it to ya. Look for much to come from this dynamic and exciting project, as they don’t show ANY signs of slowing down at all. Core 10 is proving themselves to be one to look out for in 2017 and beyond. Cheers to you, gentlemen! A job well done.

Show Review by Noah-Shark Robertson

About the author: Shark is the current drummer for Motograter and was the original drummer for The Browning. He currently runs Zombie Shark Records and Swimming With Sharks Records. He is also marketing director for EMP Label Group, the new record label from David Ellefson of Megadeth.

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